Thursday, October 8, 2009

Change is good

Once upon a time, this blog location was the collective effort of the Natural History Network, a loose coalition of scientists, educators, and writers in the U.S. who are trying to revitalize the practice of natural history. After a time, however, it was clear that the "collective effort" was not consistent enough to make this a resource of which the Network could be proud. The intention was good; we wanted to promote open conversation about "all things natural history," not just among official members (whatever that might mean) of the Network but among anyone in cyberspace who happened to come across a posting of interest to them.

And that intention remains noble. It's just that we could never really develop the collective momentum to make the blog resemble a true collective effort. Postings became less frequent, dust began to accumulate, the hinges got a little rusty ... You get the picture.

So we decided to terminate the blog.

But I just can't let it go. Seriously, I love this blog. I love the opportunity it provides to wax philosophical about birds, students, rivers, sunsets, seasons, history, conservation, and all the things I just don't yet understand. I just didn't love the idea of pretending it was an organizational effort if, in fact, it wasn't. So the blog "Natural History Network" is now no more. The Network still exists, and it is trying mightily to achieve its mission and grow beyond its original incarnation as a "loose coalition" into a cohesive voice with targeted initiatives and goals. But its blog is no more. What it has evolved into is my blog, "This View of Nature." Same purpose, same format, same everything, except that, for better or worse, the narrative here is only mine.

Rock on.

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