Sunday, November 2, 2008

Photo quiz

OK, folks. Step right up and test your powers of observation. Today's quiz has two parts:

1. What critter is this?
2. Where was this photo taken? (Bonus points for answering this question with the name of the ecoregion rather than the state.)


David Lukas said...

Great mystery animal to start things off with! A large weasel-like critter with yellow throat patch is a pine marten. It seems to be in a Douglas fir, which would likely put it in the Pacific Northwest, perhaps in the Cascade Mtns.?

Steve Trombulak said...

Dude. You nailed it. The Cascades of Washington, to be exact. I thought I was being tricky by posting a photo from my previous existence as a Westerner (rather than the New Englander that I now proudly am).

Score one for you.